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For ages 15-18

Roadeo Details

Requirement: Driver's License or Permit

Teen Driving Roadeo is for Knoxville teens with a driver's license or permit to learn through hands-on, interactive learning stations arming them with the skills of an experienced driver. A copy of the insurance card and the teen's driver's license or permit.

Teens Will Work with Professionals

With the help of the Knox County Sheriff's Office, the Department of Safety and Homeland Security and other resources, teen drivers experience driving techniques and learn driving protocol.

Teen Drivers will increase their driving skills by:

  • Maneuvering through obstacle courses while wearing goggles simulating alcohol impairment.
  • Maneuvering through obstacle courses while texting on a cell phone.
  • Learning to correct a skidding car.
  • Observing a rollover simulation.
  • Emergency personnel responding to a serious car wreck.
  • Discussing driving awareness in Farragut: high accident areas; roundabouts; left turn lanes; four way stop when power out; entrance/exit ramp procedures; deer vehicle safety; wildlife injuries on roadway; school bus safety; fuel saving recommendations; safety belts.
  • Learning the legal consequences of poor choices.
  • Learning the proper response to downed power lines.
  • Learning how to perform basic vehicle maintenance.
  • Discussing appropriate behavior during a traffic stop.
  • Participating in sobriety testing by local law enforcement officers.
  • Understanding how to safely share the road with motorcycles.
  • Using appropriate safety techniques when approaching rail road crossings.
  • Increasing the awareness of the “no zone” for tractor trailers.

Safe driving skills last a lifetime!

Experience driving techniques and safety protocol.

Registration required.


Great Preparation  and training

for Teens Behind the Wheel